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What Is The Mandela Effect?

I’ve been thinking what I want to do with a blog and of course I want to create posts about life and fun things but I want to write about something that interests me as well as well as discuss what we aren’t being told as a society which includes a lot for example Conspiracy Theories! There are many serious issues I have learned and would like to touch on from Pizzagate and the election to the Denver Airport and pedophile sex rings that were covered up in the 80s but right now let’s just discuss… The Mandela Effect (:

Also, I am going to break this up into subsections to make this easy to understand so please bare with me.

What is The Mandela Effect?

The Mandela Effect is when someone has a clear memory of something only to realize that it either doesn’t exist or has been changed, but according to our history it has always been different than your memories, aka alternative memories.

Where did The Mandela Effect get its name?

The Mandela Effect is called Mandela because Nelson Mandela’s death has been the subject of the theory since the beginning of this idea. Many people have spoken about their memories of Nelson Mandela dying in the jail cell or learning this as a child but when he died in 2013 people were confused by this distinct memory that he died in the jail cell he was kept in.

This phrase was coined by Fiona Boone who also created the website The Mandela Effect where people post their alternative memories.

What are some examples of The Mandela Effect?

There are many examples of The Mandela Effect, including some we may not even know publicly yet but I’ll list some to get your thinking.

Let’s start with the big one that made this theory so widespread-

The Berenst(e)ain Bears

The Berenstain Bears were a fun family that taught us good lessons through their books and television shows when we were children but did you ever notice that Berenstain is spelled with an A not an E? It is correct. Although this is not how people remember this.

I have actually read a post of a woman who claims that she has a memory of spelling Berenstain with the A constantly as a child but her teacher had corrected her changing the A to an E so she stopped spelling it with an A.


Curious George Doesn’t Have A Tail

Yeah, that’s the alternative memory. Curious George has never had a tail but people remember him with a tail and specifically doing things with his tail.


When was The Challenger Explosion?

People can’t seem to recall the historical year the Challenge exploded, some will say it was ’84 some will say ’85 but really it was ’86. This could easily be just misinformation but some people believe this is another example of The Mandela Effect.

Mother Theresa was given sainthood in 2016!?

This one was really what made me get into the Mandela Effect because personally I remember writing a report in school about Mother Theresa where I learned she was given sainthood in her lifetime but that was not true to our history book even though I clearly remember reading this in my textbook.

Jiffy Peanut Butter is different than Jif Peanut Butter

Many people have claimed to remember a product called Jiffy Peanut Butter existing while Jif also existed, not to be confused with Skippy.

I also have faint memories of Jiffy Peanut Butter but I can not say for sure if this is my own misunderstanding or an actual alternative memory.


Other memories are listed at this address; Major Memories

What does all this mean?

The idea of the Mandela Effect creates many theories but the main aspect is there are alternative universes being created constantly and we are slipping in and out of them.

I personally believe that these alternative memories are after effects of our memories being changed because someone changed something in the past due to time travel which creates a new alternative universe that we now live in.

What do you think?